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The Tay Foundation is looking for a major sponsor who can help us develop the river system to its full potential over a ten year period.

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River Tummel Project

The River Tummel is a major spring salmon producing tributary of the River Tay and is in fact one of the major spring salmon producing rivers in Scotland. The River Tummel is extensively harnessed for hydro power, which has resulted in some well known issues for fish, but also provides potential opportunities for valuable research, particularly, for example, since all the ascending salmon have to go through fish passes such as the one at Pitlochry Dam.

In light of these opportunities, the Tay Foundation is investigating with Marine Scotland Science and SSE the possibility of a significant salmon monitoring project on the River Tummel based around Pitlochry Dam.

A major objective of this work would be to determine numbers of smolts produced in the River Tummel and their subsequent return rates as adults. This information would be particularly of interest to Marine Scotland Science, who have already committed finds to the project, at a strategic level.

It is also hoped that a spin-off from this work might be a greater understanding of the effects of hydro power infrastructure in the Tummel catchment on smolt survival and migrations.

The project is still in an early stage of development but is hoped to run from 2014 onwards.

The Tay Foundation is engaged in discussions with Marine Scotland Science and SSE to set up a major salmon smolt monitoring project on the River Tummel.