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Ordie Burn Tree Thinning Project

For much of the length of the Ordie Burn from its confluence with the Shochie Burn near Luncarty to the upstream limit of salmon penetration, the banks of the burn are lined by a dense corridor of alders which effectively “tunnel” the stream and reduce light input in summer.

This is a stream in a fertile agricultural area but the dense shading is likely to reduce in-stream primary productivity and reduce the growth of marginal vegetation developing which would provide cover for fish.

In the late winter of 2010 dense shading alders were thinned out over a 1.75km stretch of the middle reaches of the Ordie Burn, as part of a collaborative project between the Tay Foundation and the Tay District Salmon Fisheries Board. This added to thinning work which was conducted in 2005 over a one kilometre stretch on another nearby property. That site was also revisited and some of the regrowth removed.

The actual felling and pruning work was carried out by bailiff staff from the Tay District Salmon Fisheries Board who have been trained in chainsaw use. However, specialist contractors were employed to tidy up the site by chipping the large amount of brushwood produced. That work was funded by the Tay Foundation through from a grant received from the Scottish Government administered by RAFTS.

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Dense shading alders were thinned out along 1.75km of the Ordie Burn in 2010.