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The Tay Foundation is looking for a major sponsor who can help us develop the river system to its full potential over a ten year period.

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Japaneese Knotweed and Invasive Plants Survey 2006

Certain species of non-native plants, notably Himalayan balsam and Japanese knotweed are making rapid encroachments on parts of the Tay system, as in many other Scottish rivers.

These species are aggressive and spread rapidly, crowding out native plant species and have a general detrimental effect on river ecology. Knotweed in particular is not easy to control. Before, these species become even more dominant than they currently are, management is urgently required.

For a control programme to be successful it must be conducted in a coordinated manner, otherwise these plants will merely recolonise. There the Tay Foundation supported a survey of the distribution of these plants along the Tay and its tributaries over the summer of 2006 as a precursor to a larger control programme.

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japanese knotweed s3
himalayan balsam s3
himalayan balsam1 s3
Japanese knotweed (above) and Himalayan balsam (middle) are aggressive garden escapees which threatens to overwhelm some river’s banks if control measures are not urgently put in place.