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Malloch Trophy

The Malloch Challenge Trophy is named after the Perth-based manufacturer and retailer of fishing tackle, Mallochs of Perth – one of the most legendary names in Scottish tackle history. Its founder was P D Malloch, one of the greatest authorities of his day on salmon.

The Malloch Challenge Trophy was first awarded in 1972 to the captor of the largest salmon in Scotland on the fly. The first award was won by a 43lb fish caught on the River Tweed by Lady Burnett and was awarded for 28 consecutive years until 1999 when a 33lb fish caught on the Spey won the trophy for Mr J Montupet. During this time the winning fish came from a variety of rivers including the Dee, Spey, Tweed, Tay and Naver. Two ladies apart from Lady Burnett have been winners of the trophy with fish from the Tweed (33lbs) and the Spey (35lbs).

After 1999 the trophy was not presented and remained locked in a cupboard for over 10 years and was lost to the salmon fishing world until the Tay Foundation was able to acquire it with the aim of relaunching it as an award for the largest salmon caught and released in Scotland on a fly.

In 2009 property specialists Savills entered into a partnership with the Tay Foundation to revive what was the most keenly contested angling award in Scotland for the best part of thirty years. Over the next few years, it regained its former position as 'the' coveted award for any river, ghillie and rod to win. In 2014 the sponsorship of the trophy was taken over by FishPal who continued to sponsor the trophy until 2016. From 2017, the Tay Foundation will continue to award the trophy until a new sponsor takes over. 

Anglers will fish throughout the 2018 season in the hope of catching the heaviest salmon. Fish over 20lbs may be contenders for the Malloch Trophy and all fish to be considered for the Award must have been safely returned in order to qualify. An independent judging panel will meet in December to decide the winner.

All entries will be considered by the Malloch Challenge Trophy committee after the last salmon fishing rivers close on the 30th November 2018.

The Malloch Challenge Trophy Committee is made up of representatives from the regions in Scotland. The Committee’s decision in all matters is final and no correspondence will entered into subsequent to the award winner being announced.

The winner and guests will be invited to a presentation ceremony.

Criteria for application for the Award and Entry Forms are detailed below.

Malloch Trophy Entry Criteria

• Entry form: The Malloch Trophy entry form must be duly completed and signed as required and returned to the Malloch Secretary as soon as possible and no later than one month after capture (except in the case of a November capture, where the entry form must be returned by 7th December 2018).

• The fish must be a bone fide wild Atlantic Salmon; must be caught on recognised artificial fly tackle and artificial fly in an approved manner; and must then be returned safely to the water.
• Full details including fishing tackle used (rod, reel, line, leader and fly) should be recorded as should the date, place and time of capture.
• Witness/Photograph: The capture must be verified by a minimum of one independent witness and wherever possible with accompanying photographic evidence.
• Weight: Ideally the salmon should be carefully weighed in either a weigh-net or with scale and net, the weight of the net being deducted. The weigh-net or scales should be available for independent testing if required. Alternatively Sturdey’s formula will be used to assess the weight of the fish in the event that the fish cannot be weighed.
• Measurement: An accurate measurement of the length (from nose to fork of tail) and girth (around the body just forward of the dorsal fin) should be taken with a tape measure. These measurements must be verified by the independent witness/es.


The prestigious Malloch Trophy has recently been reinstated after ten years. It will be presented to the angler who catches (and releases) the largest salmon on fly in Scotland in 2018.


The Malloch Trophy for 2013 was awarded to Shamus Jennings at the Scottish Game Fair. For more details, click here.


The Malloch Trophy for 2012 was awarded to Jim Reid of Edinburgh on 6 June 2013. For more details click here.